Syntoil's New Global Solution

Our Systems Tranform Rubber Waste Into Valuable Commercial Products.


Our Systems Syntoil 4R:

A Container-sized Recycling Modules for End­Of-Life Tires and Rubber Waste.


Our systems are:


  • They produce high-calorie, commercial products.
  • They are energy self­sufficient.
  • Productivity: 800 kg per 24h.


  • We developed a method of continuous pyrolysis.
  • A circular economy based solution.


  • We provide dedicated solutions, like a module built for a cement plant which needed to reduce CO2 keeping the same level of energy efficiency.

Examples of Products Made With Our Systems

Carbon Black

high quality (with purity of 99.68% pure coal and micronization at the level of 45 micrometers)

Process gas

high calorific value (CV), which can be used in power generators (calorific value: 70 Mj/m3, it is ultra-clean)

Pyrolysis oils

they can be used as an ingredient in the production of rubber. They are a component for the production of fuel oils and organic solvents.

Various other valuable products for the treatment of concrete

Polymer resins can replace cement (they are hydrophobic and oleophobic), pigments for classic concrete resins (they eliminate the effect of high ph).



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